I am a livestock nutritionist and forage specialist.

I devise and evaluate diets and solve nutritional problems with beef cattle, sheep, goats, dairy farms, horses, deer, alpaca, and other animals. I help set up grazing operations, including ways of improving pastures and managing them for sustainability and profit. I provide advice and guidance about nutrients, feeds, livestock management, forages, pastures, and grazing techniques. I try to provide as many options as possible, with pros and cons.

And above all, I try to see how these issues fit into the entire system, because staying in business and raising a family on a farm and ranch means that the entire operation must show a profit.

Running a ranch or a farm is exhilarating but it is also challenging. We all run into issues or problems that we need to address or new ideas we want to explore. This is where I come in. I can help.

My advanced degrees are from Cornell, one of the finest agricultural universities in the world. My years as a private consultant with the practical experience of running my own business and also years in the Extension Service as an educator and industry leader – these are immeasurably valuable for knowledge and perspective.

I am also an exceptional teacher and speaker, with the experience of teaching and leading hundreds of workshops, clinics, classroom sessions, pasture walks, rancher study group meetings, and other educational events. This is the package of skills and experience I bring to your operation or your event.

Please look over my website. Maybe there is something that you like, something I can help you with, some problem I can help solve. If it’s something in my skills, I may be able to work with you; if it’s something outside my skills, I may be able to direct you to those who can help. Just contact me. Let’s talk.